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Elder D. J. Ward
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SolasSovereign Grace Bible Conference - Mesquite

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Listen to sermons, lectures and music from the Mesquite Conference! If, for some reason, a message does not play automatically when you click the Hear It link, use the DOWNLOAD link, save it locally to your hard drive (by right-clicking, if using a PC), and play the MP3 in your favorite player. If you have any trouble hearing these messages, please contact the webmaster.. .. . . . .

2 0 1 7 (Terrell, TX)
Dan Duncan
Sola Scriptura
Elder Jim McClarty
Sola Gratia
Soli Deo Gloria
Elder Roger Skepple
Sola Fide
Solus Christus
Elder Alton Pickett
A Message to John
Elder David Morris
Christus Victor
Elder Eddie Jacks
The Devotion of a Grace-Filled Heart
Elder Keelan Atkinson
Biblical Race Relations - Part 1
Biblical Race Relations - Part 2
Elder Mack Paul
Post-Modern Thinking
Elder Robert Spickard
Sitting at the Table of Brokenness
Elder Sean Kennedy
Grace for Repeat Offenders
Mike Black
Skills For Living
Minister Gregg Wren II
Genesis 4
Pastor Esch
John 3:16
Steven Ger
Feast of Tabernacles
Yuri Solomon
John 10
2 0 1 6
Gren Wren II
Sunday Morning
Elder Dan Duncan
Mark 6 - Disciples on the Sea
Elder David Morris
After Death and Resurrection - Part 1
After Death and Resurrection - Part 2
After Death and Resurrection - Part 3
After Death and Resurrection - Part 4
After Death and Resurrection - Part 5
After Death and Resurrection - Part 6
Psalm 32 - The Blessing of Forgiveness
Elder Alton Pickett
Acts 6 - The Priority
Elder Eddie Jacks
Psalm 1 - The Blessed Man
Elder Robert Spickard
Exodus 17 - A Thriving Prayer Life
Elder Roger Skepple
Jude - To God Be The Glory - Part 1
Jude - To God Be The Glory - Part 2
Jude - To God Be The Glory - Part 3
Jude - To God Be The Glory - Part 4
Elder Sean Kennedy
Going Blind to Damascus
Elder Yuri Solomon
Genesis 18 and 19 - A City Without a Church
Mark Toombs
Galatians 4 - A Christ-Shaped Desire
Mike Black
Proverbs 3
Nicholas Esch
Romans 12
Steven Ger
Exploding The Jewish Heart
Music Downloads
Song: Because Of Who You Are
Song: Come Ye Sinners
Song: Do Not Pass Me By
Song: He's Worthy To Be Praise
Song: Holy Holy Holy
Song: Holy Spirit
Song: How Great Is Our God
Song: It Is Well With My Soul
Song: Jesus Will Carry You Through
Song: Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Song: Precious Lord, Lead Me On
Song: Serving The Lord
Song: Sweet Home
Song: The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
Song: To God Be The Glory
Song: Wait On Jesus
Song: We Shall Behold Him
2 0 1 5
Elder Dan Duncan
Romans 8 Vs 35-39
Elder Pickett
Conversation at the Cross
Elder David Morris
By Grace, Through Faith
Elder Eddie Jacks
Elder Frank Thomas
Tuesday Afternoon
Elder Jim McClarty
Selections from John - Part 1
Selections from John - Part 2
Selections from John - Part 3
Elder MacArthur / Elder Paul
Psalm 36
Elder Roger Skepple
Grace Giving - Part 1
Grace Giving - Part 2
Grace Giving - Part 3
Elder Yuri Solomon
To Tithe Or Not To Tithe - Summary
Mike Black
Matthew 7 Vs 1-5
Elder Skepple / Elder Solomon
Giving Discussion
Kathryn Scroggins
Song: Safe In His Arms
Mother Wren
Song: Sweet Home
Song: Serving The Lord
Song: You Don't Have To Move The Mountain
Resurrected Choir
Song: Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
2 0 1 4
Special Music
2014 SGBC Special Music Compilation
Elder Dan Duncan
Genesis 3 - Adam, Eve, and the Serpent
Elder David Morris
Eternal Punishment - Part 1
Eternal Punishment - Part 2
Zechariah 3 - Behold The Stone
Elder Jacks
1 Kings 17 - Faith in God's Powerful Word
Elder Mack Paul
God's Supremacy
Elder Jim McClarty
Doctrines of Grace - Part 1
Doctrines of Grace - Part 2
Doctrines of Grace - Part 3
Doctrines of Grace - Part 4
Doctrines of Grace - Part 5
Elder Pickett
Salvation Has Come To This House
John Baze
The Angel of the Lord - Part 1
Click here for the notes (PDF)
The Angel of the Lord - Part 2
The Angel of the Lord - Part 3
Mike Black
Matthew 6 - Laying Up Treasure
Steven Ger
Torah and Grace
Elder Yuri Solomon
Luke 18 - Lessons from the Rich Young Ruler
2 0 1 3
Elder Dan Duncan
Psalm 124
Elder H.T. McCloud
Sunday Morning at Saints Chapel
Elder Mack Paul
Get Your Own Mantle - Part 1
Get Your Own Mantle - Part 2
Elder Jim McClarty
Pt. 1 - Intro to Prophecy
Handout: Introduction to Prophecy (PDF)
Pt. 2 - Hermeneutics and Eschatalogical Concepts
Handout: Bible Interpretation (PDF)
Pt. 3 - Kingdom Concepts
Handout: Kingdom Concepts (PDF)
Pt. 4 - The Kingdom and Revelation
Handout: Revelation 20 (PDF)
Pt. 5 - A Thousand Means A Thousand
Elder David Morris
Acts 1-6 - Part 1
Acts 1-6 - Part 2
Creation Convulsions
Galatians 6-16 - Part 1
Galatians 6-16 - Part 2
Michael White
Live Strong In The Grace Of God
Mike Black
The Lesson Of Ziklag
Pastor Darwayne Wren
Sunday Evening - John 14
Elder Yuri Solomon
1 Corinthians 3-10
Ivory Wren
Serving The Lord

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